Parabuthus Villosus Scorpion Subspecies Morphs

There are a variety of Parabuthus Villosus morphs. The Parabuthus Villosus is the largest of all scorpions in the buthid family. They are also unique in their diurnal behavior, meaning they are more active during the day-time. Most scorpions are nocturnal.

The Parabuthus Villosus Black is the largest subspecies of the Parabuthus Villosus. These large, and beautiful scorpions are dark in color with granulation around the face. They can be up to 6" long from head to telson!

Parabuthus Villosus Black


The Parabuthus Villosus Orange is one of the brighter and more colorful species of Parabuthus. They have bright orange legs and pedipalps which create a beautiful contrast with their dark bodies.

Parabuthus Villosus Orange


The Parabuthus Villosus Hybrid, common reffered to as Parabuthus Villosus Red, is a naturally occurring hybrid between a Parabuthus Villosus Orange and a Parabuthus Villosus Black. These subspecies share the same territory in the wild and have been known to hybridize quite often. They can range in color from bright red-orange to dark brown-black. It's very possible some Parabuthus Villosus Hybrids have been mistaken for Parabuthus Villosus Black.

Parabuthus Villosus Hybrid


Last we have the Parabuthus Villosus Typical. They have bright yellow legs and dark pedipalps matching their body. They are the most rare and difficult to breed in captivity and we currently do not have any of our own to show you. Be sure to look up the different subspecies and how they differ from each other! We usually have some Parabuthus Villosus for sale at! Come check out our stock!