Rare New Additions! Hottentotta Tamulus and Mesobuthus Caucasicus

We're excited to add two rare additions to our website. Hottentotta Tamulus and Mesobuthus Caucasicus!

Mesobuthus Caucasicus Russian Scorpion

Mesobuthus Caucasicus has never been available in the US until now! This is a very rare species endemic to Russia. Very few Russian scorpions have been available in the hobby. They are also known to have an extremely painful sting. Beware! These will not last long


Hottentotta Tamulus - Indian Red Scorpion

Hottentotta Tamulus, also known as the Indian Red Scorpion, is a beautiful Hottentotta sp. that is resposible for the highest death count of any scorpion! They are not the most venomous scorpion though. Their death count is due to their proximity to humans in India. This scorpion should never be handled. Come get your Hottentotta Tamulus while you can!