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10-Gallon Terrarium Starter Kit

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Our 10 Gallon Terrarium Starter Kit is the perfect kit to get you going with your new scorpion or other invertebrates. This will give you everything you need to get started and give you space to customize your pet's environment to your desire!

You will receive a 10-gallon glass terrarium, enough coconut substrate to cover at least 1" of the terrarium, One coconut hide for your pet, a small handful of sphagnum moss, a small thermometer and hygrometer combo digital gauge, and a heat lamp with a 75W ceramic heat emitter!

Coconut substrate can be used with any species of invertebrates, but it is not the ideal substrate for any burrowing species. Keep the substrate dry for arid species. We suggest getting sand and clay mixture for your burrowing species. Please look up what the best substrate is for your species.

Make sure you have researched the proper environment for your new pet.

This Kit Will NOT be shipped overnight with your pet. If you wish to arrange for them to arrive on the same day, please email us at after your order has been completed with your order number.


Products In Kit

20"L x 10"W x 12.5"H 10 Gallon Glass Terrarium

Coconut Substrate

5.5" Fluker's Clamp Lamp and 75W Ceramic Heat Emitter Bulb

Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer Gauge

Sphagnum Moss

Natural Coconut Hide  4"-6" Wide