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African Flat Rock Scorpion - Hadogenes Troglodyte

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Scientific Name: Hadogenes Troglodyte

Common Name: African Flat Rock Scorpion

Origin: Southern Africa

Size: Up to 8"

Description: African Flat Rock Scorpion For Sale! One of the largest scorpions in the world! These scorpions can reach up to 8" in length. Their flat bodies allow them to fit into the crevices of rocks and small spaces. They have very large, powerful pincers. African Flat Rock Scorpions can have a very long lifespan, up to 30 years!


Substrate: 3-4" of sand, peat moss, or potting soil. As their name suggests, rocks and crevices will make good places for them to hide and feel safe.

Temperature: 75-85F

Humidity: 70%


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