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Emperor Scorpion - Pandinus Imperator

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Scientific Name: Pandinus Imperator

Common Name: Emperor Scorpion

Origin: West Africa

Size: 5.5-8"

Description: Emperor Scorpion For Sale! Pandinus Imperator, or Emperor Scorpions, is one of the largest of all scorpion species reaching up to 8 inches. They are very desirable as pets due to their tame nature and ability to be handled by hand. (Though we do not recommend handling any scorpions.) They grow quickly in captivity reaching a breeding age as early as 4 months, but an average of 1 year. It can take up to 4 years for them to mature in the wild.


Substrate: Cocopeat or other similar substrates. Sphagnum moss and pieces of wood or bark can help hold in the humidity. They will need enough depth to burrow and make a hide or you can provide them with one.

Temperature: 75-80F

Humidity: 60-80%

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