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Florida Bark Scorpion - Centruroides Gracilis

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Scientific Name: Centruroides Gracilis

Common Name: Florida Bark Scorpion

Origin: Southeast US

Size: 3.5-4.75"

Description: Florida Bark Scorpion For Sale! Centruroides Gracilis or Florida Bark Scorpion is a scorpion native to the Southeast US. It is also found in Cuba and Central America. They are usually brown but can vary in color. These C. Gracilis have bright orange pedipalps and highlights. These are one of the largest Centruroides species in the world!


Substrate: Cocopeat or other similar substrates. Sphagnum moss and pieces of bark or wood. They will need enough bark and wood to all feel comfortable.

Temperature: 75-80F

Humidity: 60-75%

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