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Mysore Forest Scorpion - Chersonesometrus Tristis

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Scientific Name: Chersonesometrus Tristis (fromerly Heterometrus Mysorensis)

Common Name: Mysore Forest Scorpion

Origin: Mysore, India

Size: Up to 6"

Description: Heterometrus Mysorensis is a rare Indian Forest Scorpion. These are very desirable in the hobby and quantities are extremely limited! They have granulated, massive claws for their size. They are generally not very aggressive and their venom is not considered harmful to humans. Of course, you could always have an allergic reaction, so please be careful and do not handle any scorpions.


Substrate: Cocopeat mix or similar substrates. Hides or cork bark will be helpful.

Temperature: 75-80F

Humidity: 70-80%

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