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Brazilian Scorpion - Tityus Stigmurus

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Scientific Name: Tityus Stigmurus

Common Name: Northeastern Brazilian Scorpion

Origin: Brazil

Size: 2-2.5"

Description: Tityus Stigmurus for sale! These scorpions are an all-female parthenogenetic species. They reproduce without any mates by cloning themselves. They are also a communal species, so you can have multiple scorpions in one habitat. The Tityus Stigmurus reaches maturity at the sixth instar (i6). Due to the parthenogenesis of this species, you could end up with a large community from just a few individuals.


Substrate: We recommend a cocopeat for the substrate. You can get the added charcoal to help with mites. You can also add some driftwood or other bark to help hold in the humidity. They are expert climbers, so be sure to have a good lid and avoid putting any structure too close to the top.

Temperature: 75-85F

Humidity: 65-80% 



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